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NO AR III – choose 5 nominees

1. Lotfi Just Can Stop (Benoit Finck, France)

2. Wild Iceland (Arvids Baranovs, Latvia)

3. Verticor (Francisco Santos, Brazil)

4. Natural Mystic (Maxime Moulin, France)

5. Birdy (Lukasz Lewenda, Poland)

6. A different perspective (Marcus Möller, Sweden)


7. Unlocking Rome (Mauro Pagliai, Italy)

8. Cardboard Cadet (Chris Castor, United States)

9. Norway – majestic fjordland (Jan Barančík, Czech Republic)


10. River Raid (Francisco Santos, Brazil)

11. 2 Years Alone (Bashir Abu Shakra, Germany)

12. Duality (Craig Murley, Switzerland)

13. The Last Flight (Francisco Santos, Brazil)

14. Vast: Iceland (Brian Baldwin, Sean Stiegemeier, United States)

15. Around the Circle (Guillaume Palmantier, France)

16. FPV Aerial Cinematography (Łukasz Lewenda, Poland)

17. The Last Dronie (Chris Castor, United States)

18. Alt Horizon (Mike Bishop, United States)

19. CarsLightsAction! (Kostas Gur, Greece)

20. Freefly Alpstein (Moritz Seiter, Germany)

21. Socially Distancing (Vitaly Golovatyuk, Russian Federation)

22. Slow Burn (Lukasz Lewenda, Poland)

23. Azila (David Etienne Durivage, Canada)